BOSTON NORTH WEST_ Are you Handy? Do you Love spending your Saturday afternoons tinkering around the house? No? Then maybe you need a program that simplifies maintenance tasks for home-owners like you. Programs provide monthly maintenance services to single-family homes by addressing routine maintenance and repair issues. Similar to a pool service or house cleaner service, it protects your biggest investment while taking the worry out of home ownership. It can let you spend time doing the things you love. In addition to monthly inspections these companies will provide an annual maintenance schedule and create a budget.

Did you know that both Freddie Mac &  Home Builder Association (HBRAM) recommend budgeting at least 1 percent % of the purchase price on home maintenance annually?  That is $4000 per year for a $400,000 home. ($335 month). JackyFoundMyHome recommends that clients keep their home inspection report handy and refer to it often but if you are not handy and filed that report away maybe hiring a service to perform these tasks is perfect for you. Contact me for more information.

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